Andrew Garvey

Andrew Garvey writes about mixed martial arts, professional wrestling, horror, history and folklore.  He lives in Staffordshire with his girlfriend, son, bull terrier and books.  He has been fascinated with horror since his aunt let him watch An American Werewolf In London when he was five years old. Garvey is a contributor to Dracula’s Midnight Snacks.

Andrew M. Boylan

Andrew M Boylan – perhaps mad, bad and dangerous to know but probably slightly more cuckoo and mildly naughty, Andrew M Boylan runs the blog Taliesin Meets the Vampires and likes to write fiction every once in a while.  He has a loving wife, a son with teenage sensibilities, and a large suspiciously wolf-like pooch. Boylan is a contributor to Dracula’s Midnight Snacks.

Ann O’Regan

Ann O’Regan is a writer for Spooky Isles and blogger of Dark Emerald Tales. She lives in the Mid-West of Ireland with her husband and daughter.  Raised in an old, eerie Victorian Mansion listening to Irish ghost stories as a child, her interests in horror and the supernatural were firmly sparked.

Anne Hogue-Boucher

Anne Hogue-Boucher is an American writer and Anglophile.  Anne avoids all things domestic, such as chores, in favour of her chosen profession of writing, which is her lifeblood. Living in the Atlanta Metro area, she is, as a Northerner in the South, a sarcastic stranger in a strange land. Her writing is included in the anthology Zombie Bites

Brian James Lane

Brian enjoys creating the macabre, miraculous, and mirthful. He has written many short stories, focusing primarily on the horror genre for young adults, as demonstrated throughout his Fright Feast series. He lives in Draper, Utah, USA, and is happily married with three children. Correspondence can be sent to

Claire Bazin

Claire Bazin is Professor of 19th Century and Commonwealth Literature at Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense. She has published two books on the novel Jane Eyre, and two on New Zealand writer Janet Frame, as well as a number of articles on the novels Frankenstein and Dracula.

David Saunderson

David Saunderson is an Australian born journalist and founder of The Spooky Isles, a London based magazine website which focuses on ghosts, horror and dark history in the UK and Ireland.  He also promotes paranormal and horror events in the capital including meet-up groups, London Haunts and Spooky London Pubs.  He is the editor of Dracula’s Midnight Snacks.

Fernando Sorrentino

Born in in 1942 in Buenos Aires where he still lives and writes, Fernando has created an impressive corpus of almost 60 books, most of them collections of short stories, although a novel, a range of stories for children and the classic, Seven Conversations with Jorge Luis Borges, are also part of his creative output. It is in the field of the short story, though, that Sorrentino has proved to be successful. Personal invasions in any of its different expressions, revenge and the gradual accumulation of daily absurd sequences occur often in the stories included in the key collections: Imperios y servidumbres (1972), El mejor de los mundos posibles (1976), El rigor de las desdichas (1994), Existe un hombre que tiene la costumbre de pegarme con un paraguas en la cabeza (2005), El regreso (2005) and El crimen de san Alberto (2008).

Helena Iffill

Helena Iffill teaches English Literature at the University of Sheffield.  Her research focusses on depictions of insanity heredity, degeneracy and pseudo-sciences such as mesmerism in sensation fiction of the 1860s and the urban Gothic.  She has written about the ways in which medical writing engaged with Victorian gender debates. Iffill is a contributor to Telegraph For Garlic.

Howard Jackson

Howard Jackson has written twelve books that have been published by Red Rattle Books. His weekly blog covers a variety of topics – music, politics, economics, travel and film. He has been published by Pen Magazine and reviews crime fiction for Crime Chronicles. He has contributed articles to Spooky Isles.

Jack Swift

Jack Swift lives in Liverpool. He teaches English Literature and Language. He has written four novels that have been published by Red Rattle Books.

James Riley

James Riley is Lecturer in English (post-1900) at the University of Cambridge. He has recently edited two collections linked to the archives of novelist and filmmaker, Peter Whitehead, and has written on terrorism, cult film and conspiracy for Vertigo, One+One and Transgressive Culture. Riley is a contributor to Telegraph For Garlic.

Jay Wilburn

Jay Wilburn lives with his wife and two sons in the coastal swamps of South Carolina in the southern United States. He left teaching grade school after sixteen years to care for the health needs of his younger son and to pursue full-time writing. He enjoys reading, history, and archery.

Jean-Jacques Lecercle

Jean-Jacques Lecercle is emeritus professor of English at the university of Paris in Nanterre.   A specialist of Victorian literature and the philosophy of language, he has published among others, Philosophy of Nonsense, Interpretation As Pragmatics, A Marxist Philosophy Of Language, and Badiou And Deleuze Read Literature. Lecercle is a contributor to Telegraph For Garlic

Jim Couper

Jim Couper, travel book author, has driven to the ends of planet Earth’s most northerly and southerly roads and visited 90 countries. He encountered only three zombies. The idea for his novel Zombie Angst came long before the revival of interest in conscious cadavers. Zombie Angst is published in Tasmania, Australia.

Jim Lawler

Jim Lawler lives in Liverpool.  Jim Lawler is our own Red Rattle Books crime expert.  He learnt the hard way.  When young he was convicted for criminal offences that included assault and burglary.  He is now a much more reserved and thoughtful character. He has written five crime novels that have been published by Red Rattle Books.

Jim Mowatt

Jim Mowatt is Director of Education for ‘UNITE’. Jim signed the first single table agreement in privatised utilities, the first single union deal in the steel industry and has represented all unions in the chemical, oil and pharmaceutical sectors across Europe. He helped establish health and safety procedures in the Bulgarian Nuclear Industry and he lectures in America on the Management of Change

Jon Kaneko-James

Jon Kaneko-James has written articles about books bound in human skin, astrology in Tarot and piety in Elizabethan occultism. His love of the urban fantasy genre derives from reading books about magic while riding the Docklands Light Railway. He was born and raised in Wales.  He now lives in London.  

K A Garner

Apart from writing, K A Garner is an artist and cartoonist.  He lives on the Wirral.  He has been an enthusiastic Rugby League supporter all his life and is a season ticket holder at St Helens Rugby League club.  He enjoys notoriety on Merseyside because of his encyclopaedic memory, which makes him attractive to unscrupulous quiz teams.

Katherine Dickson

Katherine Dickson was born and bred in Cornwall, but has since lived in Plymouth, Stratford East London, Rotherham South Yorkshire. She now resides in Hertfordshire. She has a husband and a cat. Her writing is inspired by her nightmares, which are often interrupted by the cat’s loud, attention-demanding, meows.

Katy Masuga

Katy Masuga is Lecturer and Maître de conferences in Paris, teaching at the Sorbonne, American University and Skidmore College since 2010. Author of Henry Miller and How He Got That Way and The Secret Violence of Henry Miller, she also has publications on Lawrence, Beckett, Shakespeare & Company and image/text relations.

Laura Huntley

Laura Huntley is a published writer of short stories, flash fiction and poetry. Her work has been included in several anthologies and magazines. Laura loves all things horror and is happiest when dreaming up and scribbling twisted tales of vampires, zombies, witches and other paranormal beings. Huntley is a contributor to Dracula’s Midnight Snacks.

Laurence Talairach Vielmas

aurence Talairach Vielmas is Professor of English at the University of Toulouse (UTM). She has written Willkie Collins, Medicine and the Gothic and Moulding the Female Body in Victorian Fairy Tales and Sensation Novels. She edited Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s Thou Art the Man and also Science in the Nursery: The Popularisation of Science in France and Britain, 1761–1901

Marion Sones Marceau

Marion Sones Marceau is a senior lecturer at Paris Dauphine. She has written about the link between literature and society, involving the development of the book market, writers’ responsibilities and the effects of social crisis. She has had works published by the Presses de l’Université de Paris- Sorbonne, Les Cahiers du CICLaS and Ashgate Publishing (GB).

Mike Staples

Mike Staples is a Scottish writer and musician, currently working on his first novel.  His work has been published by, among others, Bareback Lit Magazine and American Ghost Stories.  Mike’s writing is supported by musical composition, performed by his band, Lucien’s Ghost.  He lives in rural South West Scotland with his partner and three sons. Staples is a contributor to Dracula’s Midnight Snacks.

Richard Bowell

Richard Bowell has a mundane day job in the transport industry. He spends his free time immersed in films, books and a state of mild irritation. He lives in Surrey with his incredibly tolerant wife and a collection of plastic skulls.

Robert Craven

Robert Craven lives in Dublin, Ireland. He had his first short story published in 1991, titled The Chase for FTL magazine and got the bug from there. He has had two short stories published, A Communion of Blood was published in Fractured Mirrors Broken Minds -2012 and The Properties of Mercury appeared in Cogs of Time 2013. He has published three full novels; Get Lenin, Zinnman and A Finger of Night. He has a full-time job, is married and a father.

Samia Ounoughi

Samia Ounoughi is an Associate Professor at the Université Pierre Mendès France Grenoble 2. She specializes in character shaping/narrative structure relationships in British nineteenth century novels and short stories, especially those by Wilkie Collins, Mary Shelley, Robert Louis Stevenson and Oscar Wilde. In her latest articles she examines solicitors and the implication of text/money circulation.

Stephen Mosley

Stephen Mosley’s book of strange tales The Boy Who Loved Simone Simon was selected by Entertainment Focus as one of the 10 Best Books of 2011.  He plays the evil Ear Goblin in the movie Kenneth and is one half of the music duo Collinson Twin. Mosley is a contributor to Dracula’s Midnight Snacks.

Toby Stone

Toby has been a sacked waiter, a failed toy-seller, a suspicious barman, and was once punched in the face during a street-fight over a gorilla. Toby is, perhaps, only good at putting one word next to another on a page. His novels are available through Hic Dragones, his tweets @tobystone1.

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